Hive Connections is an activity for anyone to talk in a comfortable atmosphere, whether you are an alien, predator, or marine!

 The fourth Hive activity (meaning a Hive event that does not rank oneself up) is Hive Connections, also known as Hive Chat, invented by numnutsforever. This overall activity is probably the least strenuous Hive event the Clan can offer, as there are no worries in terms of fighting, ranking up, or clan reputation. This event is similar to a voice chat on any similar medium (Playstation Network, Skype, etc.) except in-game with the Hive.

To commence, the host (the Matriarch, a Monarch, an Empress, or a King) create a match on a voted map, and set the time from 10 minutes to as long as the group wants. Once the match begins, attendees will then vote to kill each other during it for entertainment. In essence, this activity acts as the closest Hive event to a Basic Match, which is what the Hive calls any type of match or game that is not Hive-based or Hive-created (for example, a regular deathmatch or ranked match with no further context on Aliens vs Predator. On the other hand, voters can vote to just sit around and converse in a more organized manner, like a Hive Trial. Then, Hive members can just chat about anything they wish, whether it be casual or serious, Hive or non-Hive, Hive members or outsiders, as even non-Hive players are completely welcome to converse in this activity with Hive members. Overall, this event may house anyone in or out of the clan, despite rank. It is a casual event that can help the Hive by increasing awareness on subjects or morale on other Hive events. Not only that, but Connections (because of how simple it is) can be played in all Hive sectors, meaning any games or consoles it is found.

If members are disrupting a wanted peace during a Hive Connections, whether they are in or out of the clan, the host of the match may quit the match and kick any disruptors, the Chat Failsafe. This has to do with the mental well-being of other Hive members, so disruption is not appreciated, like as if it was done during a special round.

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