Hive Pureblood Royale is another Hive game, the sixth to be created after King-of-the-Hive. This idea originally came from Hive member MILLERDUO, a Council Empress. The idea of this game is not too difficult to comprehend, unlike some modes of Hive Tournament. The winner gets a rankup, or 2 if and only if the Royale goes over 15 rounds. However, there are 8 modes in AvP (the most of any game): Battle to the Death mode, Hives or Tails mode, Whites of the Eyes mode, Doom of the Deep mode, Red Light Hive Light mode, Grimm mode, the returning Darts mode, and the Tournament-spawned Winter mode. This game is just like a deathmatch, but in a Hive setup. To all who play, they will be able to see their skills against other Hive members in a game version. 

Battle to the Death ModeEdit

In Battle to the Death mode, up to 12 players can play and everyone can play as any species. However, any smartguns and plasma casters and smartdiscs are not permitted. In small maps, only up to 8 can play. The first thing every player does is begin in a different location in the map. Players should try to stay as spaced out as possible, and, if possible, should not be able to see each other. After that, one person begins a countdown of 5 to 1. After the game is started, all players face off and kill each other until one player remains. When the round begins, players may run and hide or they can run to the center and actually fight other players. Alliances can be made, but once they are the remaining players, they must turn against each other. However, all hiding gamers must fight once there is only one person left in the center, to determine the actual winner of the round. This winner is then awarded one "pureblood" rank. So each time a person wins a round, they go up a pureblood rank. If one dies in Gateway (the prime map), they must go atop the Death Building in the compound (where predator's combi stick is). If a human is out, they go to the Graveyard Building (next to plasma caster building), or Secondary Death Building. A new battle royale round is begin and is done the same way each round. The whole point of this game is to reach 3 pureblood ranks first. During a player's attempt at a third and final purelood rank, the Hive member cannot hide during the match and must head towards the actual battlezone at the beginning of the round. Once a person gets all 3 rounds, then they win first place. To win second and third place, all remaining players must continue to fight rounds until a second then third person gets 3 pureblood ranks.

Members of the Hive will be able to fight against other members here.

Whites of the Eyes ModeEdit

The other mode, Whites of the Eyes mode, can have up to 14 players to play it. This idea was invented by member pupgod768, off a game similar in his clan. In this mode, everyone but one person plays as a marine. The single person plays as a predator. Now, the marines spread out, but not across the entire map. They spread across a region of a map, like the compound area of Gateway. The predator goes and gathers his weapons, even the plasma caster. The humans must all recieve a scoped rifle during this time. The predator hides in the rest of the vast area of the map, his weapons ready and he himself cloaked. Once the 5 countdown ends, the marines all try to search for the predator. The marines can kill each other to slow the others' progress, but a marine is not out until he dies 2 times by the predator. The predator can use any weapon he wants, while the humans can only use the scoped rifle, melee attacks, and a pistol. One a human is out, they go on the Graveyard Building (Secondary Death Building). A human must kill the predator to recieve a pureblood rank. If the predator gets all the humans out, he wins the pureblood rank. This round repeats until a person gets 3 pureblood ranks, to which they recieve the first place prize. Other players can get the second and third place prizes after this.

Hives or Tails ModeEdit

This is the third mode of this game, the idea taken from ShadowWalker_757 right before the Hive entered its first days in Aliens: Colonial Marines. However, this mode used to belong to King-of-the-Hive but it was decided that this mode was too similar to Hive Pureblood Royale to not be in it. This mode is taken as a pun from the phrase "heads or tails," a clever name also created by ShadowWalker_757. When it references to this phrase, it truly does. This game does indeed involve some alien tails coming in contact with alien heads, as well as predator claws to faces. This is played only as aliens or predators. The predators may use no ranged attacks; melee only. The point of this Pureblood Royale is to do acouple small battles on a highpoint that can be fallen off of. When choosing a species, the whole group playing must be the same species. For all aliens, their point is a large wall or all walls going around the map. The aliens all start off spaced out, like Battle to the Death mode. Once the game has begun, aliens try to hit each other off the wall with their tails (or claws). If an alien falls off, they have 10 seconds to get back onto the wall before they are disqualified. If one is disqualified, they must go sit on the ground away from the wall and watch (for once the no buildings are used). All the walls and ceilings of a map are acceptable, as long as an alien isn't touching the ground. If one alien hits another off, they can rush at an oppurtunity to finish off their opponent with their tail. If the opponent is too far from the wall, the player can administer a finishing or stealth move, but must get back on the wall immediately. The last alien on the wall wins that round, and wins a Pureblood rank, like previous modes. A new match is then begun the same as the last. First alien to 3 Pureblood ranks is in first place. For predators, they must fight on a high platform and kill themselves or push each other off the platform. This time, members start in a "Inward formation" from Training and begin, as well as having 10 seconds to get back up to the highpoint. Last predator standing wins that round and the rank, and first place winner is determined with 3 wins as well.

Darts ModeEdit

Darts mode of Pureblood Royale is the fourth mode created. However, this mode is actually the return of the Hive's true first game, lost until previous Matriarch BadassOfDOD came back as an Empress. In this game, there are 2-5 predators, while the rest of the members are marines. In this mode, the marines may only use pistols and the rifle, while the predators may only use combi sticks (not even melee claws). The overall point of this game is for all the marines to be stuck in a secluded spot while the predators throw combi sticks at them. The final marine surviving can then have a chance at getting a Pureblood rank (a win). He pulls out his weapon, and if he can kill all the predators, he gets the rank. The predators can only still use combi sticks during the surviving marine's attack. The round begins the same way, and will be repeated until one marine wins 3 Pureblood ranks. The predators will mot rankup, as this is a volunteer position. In this mode, there are 3 methods of gameplay, each harder than the last based on where the marines can move during the first part of each round. The first method is the Paintball Method, where the marines can move dimensionally in the Deathbarrel. The predators may combi stick from the rims, Death Building, and the crates in it. The second method is the Shootout Method, where the marines may move side to side along the Hive Battle Wall. The predators must stand halfway back in the compound here. The last method is Arch Method, where the marines can only move 2D within the arch gate from the compound to the jungle area. The predators only stand a short distance away.

Grimm ModeEdit

Grimm is the fifth mode of Pureblood Royale, made by none other than mad_hatter_968. This mode is mirroured off of Whites of the Eyes mode due to the main idea of it. All actual players of the game are marine in species, while there are 1-2 volunteer predators, one playing predator, and 2-3 volunteer aliens. This means 7-18 plyers may play. The predator and alien players thus will not be ranking up, just as in Darts mode for the predators. In this mode, marines can use all weapons except the shotgun and scoped rifle while the predators can only use smartdiscs and combi sticks. Now, in this game, the two predators will privately decide between themselves who will be known as the Grimm for the duration of the game (thus both preds should use the same skin so the marines will not be able to tell the difference throughout). The aliens will be assisting the predators, defending them (also concious of who the Grimm is). Meanwhile, the marines, just as in Whites of the Eyes mode, will be fighting each other to hunt the Grimm. To start, all players will spread out among the map and the host will count down. When the game begins, the marines will attempt to figure out which predator is the Grimm and kill him. However, unlike Whites of the Eyes mode, the Grimm will have one life and will only admit themselves as the Grimm once he dies; the other predator, on the other hand, has infinite lives. The marines may kill each other (for it is still a free-for-all fight to kill the Grimm), but only to slow each other down once again. For a marine to get out, he must lose 3 lives altogether from either one of the predators or aliens. If a predator kills a marine, it counts as 2 lives; alien kills on marines count as 1. Marines that are out go to the Graveyard building. If the Grimm's team wipes out the marines, the Grimm gets a pureblood rank/ this means the Grimm is the only playing predator and he is the only one on his team that can get a rankup at the end. The marine that manages to kill the correct predator (Grimm) gets a pureblood rank and wins the round. This cycle continues until a marine or the Grimm gets 3 pureblood ranks.

Winter ModeEdit

The sixth mode of Pureblood Royale, Winter mode was originally thought up of by italian-stal for use in the Winter Tournament. Initially, this mode of Pureblood Royale was for limited time use for team clashes during the Tournament (albeit only done once in a clash between the Chimera and Gentlegoonz teams), but was later made into a public mode for the general public of the Hive. Similar to Battle to the Death mode, Winter mode acts as the team variant of the traditional Pureblood Royale; Winter mode breaks the common free-for-all gameplay of other modes by providing a team mode using the overall game's pureblood system. To play, all players must be the same species (whether it is marine, predator, or alien). Predators may use combi sticks, mines, and smartdiscs; marines may use all weapons except smartguns. The players must then separate into 2 teams and must each choose one team leader (similar to Operation: Hive Frontier). There are teams in this mode, but the game will be played in a normal deathmatch setup so all players may kill one another. Once the match begins, all players must spread out across the map (as with most other modes of this game). Now although there are 2 teams in this mode, the members of the teams CANNOT start near each other as temporary allies can in Battle to the Death mode; all participants must try to spread apart regardless of team. Thereafter the round will begin after the host's countdown. At this stage, the game will be in a free-for-all fashion, until such a point members of the same team find one another and may start working together. Like Battle to the Death, each team member will have one life per round to survive, with exception to the leaders, whom each have 2 lives instead in each round. If a team member is killed by another of their team accidentally (as the match is in deathmatch), that person still loses that life, so caution in attacking other players is recommended. When a player is out they go to the Death or Graveyard Buildings (depending on species played). Unlike the other modes of Pureblood Royale now, a round ends when either one person is left standing (like normal) OR if only the members of one team are left standing. For the most part, a round will continue until all of one team is eliminated, with whatever remnants of the other team left (whether it is one team member or all of them). Those left will each get a pureblood rank from the system for Pureblood Royale; afterwards, all will spread out and this cycle will be repeated. The game ends when all the members of a team EACH have 3 pureblood ranks (like, for example, if 2 of 3 members of a team has the required ranks but the last member does not, it should be the objective of those 2 members to ensure the 3rd one makes it to the end of a round; therefore, more than 3 pureblood ranks are possible to get per each individual), to which all members of the team win first place.

Doom of the Deep ModeEdit

At the end of italian-stal's time as Matriarch, Game Week was held before the Matriarch Tournament. With Game Week, 3 new game modes were released, including Doom of the Deep mode, of which was founded by Lotusofthesand. Combining Hives or Tails mode of Pureblood Royale and Deathpit mode of Hive Tournament, Doom of the Deep provided another wall-based Hive game mode. As such, all players must be alien in species to begin, with 1-3 predator volunteers (whom will be able to use combi sticks and proximity mines). As usual for Pureblood Royale, those playing must spread out before the start of a round. However, the orientation of members when they spread depends on number of players present. If there are 5-7 people in-game, then there is only one predator and the entire game will only be played in the compound area of Gateway (or other appropriate area of another map). If there are 8-10 members present, then the cave area (or some other second section of a 3-part map) is now open and there are 2 predator volunteers. If there are 11 or more players, then 3 predators will be volunteering and the entire map (of wherever the game is played) will be open. As such, all players will spread out within the playable gamespace before each round begins, with the pred volunteers a reasonable distance away from the rest of the actual players. Once a round starts, the predators (known as Sharks) will enter the play area and all aliens are recommended to get on walls or ceilings. Unlike Hives or Tails mode, players do not need to stay on the walls nor do they have a time limit off of them; however, any horizontal round is now a hazard zone for the Sharks to attack. While on any wall surface, alien members will fight with wall-tailing, but once on the ground, the Sharks' objective is to kill any alien that either runs through or falls down on the ground. If those aliens are killed by a Shark's claws, grabs, spears, or mines, they are out and go to the Glitch Building (rather than the usual Death Building). On the other hand, players are NOT out if killed by wall; it is not each player's objective to kill the other competitors, only to knock them down so the Sharks can kill them. The last alien standing wins the Pureblood rank that round and the first one to win 3 Pureblood ranks (rounds) wins the game.

Red Light Hive Light ModeEdit

During the reign of sdrbuck234, another mode of Pureblood Royale was made a few years after the one prior. This mode, Red Light Hive Light, was originally fashioned together by collaboration between de_ALPHA__ and MaxDeadBear. The mode is distinguishingly named after the basis of its gameplay, which is essentially the classic game "Red Light, Green Light." This mode is hosted on a map with a long, open stretch of land with no major obstructions (found on such maps as Gateway, Ruins, and Crash Site). One or two players must play as predators to act as Miners, while all other members take on either all-alien or all-marine species. To begin, the Miners place anywhere between 5-10 mines along the open, allotted path of gameplay while all other players go somewhere else in the map to make sure they do not witness the location of said mines. Because of this, all players attempting to win rankups must be on the same team, as the mines in this mode are used in a similar fashion to the Suicide Bomber tactic, where members will only be blown up upon particular friendly-fire conditions, rather than simply approaching the mines outright. This means at least one member must volunteer to not participate in the game to make up the other team in Mixed Species. Once the mines are set, all non-Miner players will line up at the start of the path, while the Miner(s) goes to the other end of the path and stands with his back to where the players would approach. From here, he then controls the movement of the non-Miners by stating "green light," wherein players may move (but NOT sprint) through the path (and nowhere outside of its regulated zone, such as walls) and "red light," where players must stop movement. If non-Miner players see each other move during a "red light," they are encouraged to speak up against it. Players may not attack each other during the run. The Miners alternate "green lights" (movement) with "red lights" (stopping) while the non-Miners make their way to behind the Miners. At any point during this run, however, a Miner may set off all of his mines, effectively killing (and eliminating) any non-Miners unfortunate enough to be caught during the explosion for that round. To win a round (and a pureblood rank), a non-Miner must be the first to make it to the Miner(s) and attack him with a melee attack before the other non-Miners. For the Miners to win a pureblood rank, they must manage to eliminate all non-Miners with mines throughout their run. This process is then repeated until the first player (or duo of Miners) manages to get 3 pureblood ranks.


The winner or first one to get 3 pureblood ranks gets to rank up once, (or twice if the game is over 15 rounds). The second place person is to rank up once or halfway.

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