Hive Races is the earliest games of the Hive; disregarding Darts mode, this is the first full Hive game in clan history, created by italian-stal himself. The idea of Hive Races is simple in AvP. First off, at least 5 players are needed. 4-8 people race, and there is recommended one referee. This game has 4 modes: Normal, Danger, Death, and Terror.

Normal ModeEdit

The Hive Races are actually a series of 3 Races. First, the members must choose a map in which to race. From here, the players must do 3 races. First is the marine race, where it is all-marine racers running along the set route for marines on that map. Just like a normal race, there is a starting and finishing line. The first one across the finish line is winner of that race. The second race is the predator race. All-predator racers must race through their set path (usually set in a forested area for predator) and make it to the finish line. Once again, first one across wins first place for that race. The final race is the alien race, the fastest-paced one of the 3. The aliens must start, go along their route, and get to the finishing line, same as all other races. After all 3 races, the one with the most first-places is the one in overal first place. Find second and third overall place this way as well. Use each race's individual first, second, and third places tallied up if necessary to determine overall places. Players cannot attack each other in Normal mode.

Danger ModeEdit

During the races, there can be some additional hazards, such as other aditional players, proximity mines, etc. to stop the runners. Runners are also allowed to attack each other to slow the others' progresses in this mode, but no killing. All 3 races are the same, though, going from marine to alien. if one dies in a race, they might as well not start again and are therefore disqualified. In Marine race, only one mine may be placed and the rest of the obstacles should be cloaked predators shooting combi sticks (no plasma). Predator race can have a combination of combi stickers and proximity mines. Alien race should should only have proximity mines. If all competitors die during a race, it is restarted, until at least one person finishes the race. This may take time. The rewards are the same after race wins are tallied.

Death ModeEdit

This mode, unlike the others, is made up by Hive Empress chaosshadow18. This mode is also not like the others. It is less complex, but requires more rounds. No big route is needed set, however, as this is a race for both first place and survival. The route is usually a straightforward run or a route with one or two turns in it, nothing hard. To play, players must choose a method: Species or Mixed Method. The Species method is where all the rounds are done with one species only, and therefore can be done in a single match in AvP. To do this mode, there must be an a player for every other player, except the refiree. What happens is racers start on a starting line with one alien about 10 feet behind each of them. When the refiree says go, the racers immediately start, and the aliens start a split second later. The aliens behind the racers must attempt to grab them, making them out of the race. If all racers die before they reach the finish line, then they must start over until at least one racer makes it. If more than one racer evades their alien, then the refiree must be able to tell who made it first. However, this is done more than once and the amount of rounds needed depends on the species chosen. If aliens are racers, they are equally fast to their grabbers and therefore at least 5-8 rounds must be done. For predators, it is 4-6 because they are slightly slower. Humans only need two or three rounds, as they are quite slow and several more rounds will probably be played since all the marines would have died from being grabbed. For the Mixed Method, three seperate matches occur. Two rounds of each species must be completed here, then tallied up to find a winner. After races are tallied up, the rewards go to their winners.

Terror ModeEdit

Created by Lotusofthesand during Game Week, Terror mode was released years after Death mode had been and acted as a re-vamping for Hive Races, spurred by the Empress Lotus' affinity for the game. Terror mode is similar to that of Death mode in the fact it is all played in one match as one species for a series of 5-8 rounds (rather than 3 races as 3 separate species). For those playing, all racers will be marines, whilst other players known as the Ravagers (not the clan rank) will be volunteering aliens. For this, about 2/3 of the players must be racers and 1/3 must be Ravagers, as too many Ravagers will make it impossible for any player to win. To begin, racers must begin on a starting line (if in the recommended map Gateway then under the compound-jungle arch) and run a single lap around that cyclical map (i.e. Gateway, Ruins, Temple, Crash Site), attempting to survive that lap. The Ravagers will start 20 feet behind the racers and will start 5 seconds after the racers do. The Ravagers' objective is to hunt and kill every marine racing around the map (albeit they may NOT use stealth grabs or wall-tailing). Marines may fight back and kill the aliens with all but shotguns and smartguns, but like with Danger mode, the racers may only damage each other. Marines may not kill other marines, only aliens; it is the Ravagers' job to kill the racers. If a racer kills another, both of them are automatically out of that round. If at least one marine makes it across the starting/finish line, then the race is valid and appropriate points (3 for first, 2 for second, and 1 for third) are awarded. Over the course of the rounds, he with the most points receives the rankup.


Upon winning the Hive Races, first place recieves a full rankup, and second place recieves a halfway rankup. If it is all a tie, then all players rank up halfway, the second-place reward.

ACM VersionEdit

This is not yet typed. No ideas.

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