Hive Strike is the ninth game of the Hive, and the first and only official full game created in the Aliens: Colonial Marines sector. Hive member chaosshadow18 created the Hive Strike game, first for ACM. This game is based off of the actual sport of bowling. There is an AvP version that later came to fruition long after the original ACM version did. However, both modes have the same rewards. There rewards for this game, after doing a 10-round bowling match, the reward will be given depending on the score one receives. This is the only game so far that can actually be played by a single player, solo. This is mandatory in the ACM mode, Crushing the Spare, because there is only one Crusher powerup at a time. The extended 10th round of normal bowling does not apply in Hive Strike.

Due to its lack of votes and overall gameplay over the years, Hive Strike is often considered the least played or least popular Hive game, with only 3 or 4 successful playthroughs having been completed since its inception.

Slicing the Strike Mode

The AvP version of Hive Strike, Slicing the Strike mode, was created by a few people's ideas, primarily that of dinoshark2000 and mad_hatter_968. Unfinished

Crushing the Spare Mode

Member chaosshadow18 created this mode, and it is played in ACM. This mode was the original, created an entire year before the release of Slicing the Strike mode. To play this, one player must get the crusher upgrade, while the other players must all be marines. About 7-11 players must be present to play. The marines must line up like pins in a bowling lane (single person in the front, then a row of 2, then a row of 3, and a row of 4 in the back). This can be played with a 6-marine lane (3 rows) or a 10-marine lane (4 rows). The marines must close together near a wall, as the Crusher must have a slight chance to hit them all. The Crusher must be 35-40 feet back (as this is played in a large, open room or hallway). From here, the Crusher must do a charge attack and attempt to kill all the marines. If the Crusher player does not, then he gets one more try to attempt a spare. This is considered one turn. There are 10 turns in a Hive Strike game, like bowling. Any marines killed in the first half of the turn stay out until the next turn. Once another turn is started, then the marines all quickly gather back to thier spots. After 10 rounds of this, which will most likely require over one ACM match, the points will be tallied up to determine the reward.


In this game, the points are determined as followed:

  • All strikes (all 10 in one try) are worth 20 points
  • All spares (all 10 using both tries) are worth 10 points
  • All turkeys (3 strikes in a row) and anything else in a row are worth 30 points there onward
  • All other points not any of the above (unable to get 10 in a turn) are worth as many point as marines killed.

From these points all tallied up after 10 rounds, the rewards are as follows:

  1. 280(highest)-200 points: first place prize of 2 rankups
  2. 200-150 points: second place prize of one rankup
  3. 150-75 points: third place prize of half a rankup
  4. 75-0 points: fourth place of no prize

If one is not satisfied, they can always try again.