Hive Talent is the thirteenth game created in the Hive's history, after Hiveball. It is also the first overall game established after Matriarch italian-stal's reign, during the age of sdrbuck234. Prior to this game's release in Hive Update 8.1, no new Hive game had been created for the clan in over two years, making its creation a long-anticipated one. The original creators of the game, sdrbuck234 and Lotusofthesand, saw to create a talent-showesque game, giving rise to possibility of multiple modes. The game was, however, almost made into another minigame of Hive Strategics, but was eventually considered expansive and individual enough as an idea to be its own full game.

Hive Talent utilizes the first, second, and third place rewards of earlier Hive games, with the player winning the game getting 2 rankups, second place getting one, and third place getting a half rankup.

Show mode

Show mode is the first mode in Hive Talent created by Empress Lotusofthesand. Show mode requires at least 5 players, one to three of which acting as (a) judge(s). The judges are usually automatically assigned to those of unnatural rank before any of normal. If 5-6 players are present, only one judge will be there, normally the game host; 7-8 players yield 2 judges; and 9 or more players need 3 judges. As the match begins, the competing members will get 3-5 minutes to prepare their first talent to display in the first round. The competitors will then have one chance to display their talent and impress the judges. More elite or complex tactics or talents (i.e. kida's tactic, Chakramm's tactic, God glitch, etc.) will usually get a higher rating then simpler moves or tactics. Once every competitor has performed the judges will then rate the acts of the competitors in a text chatroom (depending on the judges). With this decided, the competitors will then form a Hive Formation, where everyone lines up evenly spaced out next to each other and the judges will then reveal the lowest-rated act by killing that competitor in some surprising way (stealth grab, combi stick, etc.), thus eliminating them from the game. This individual then sits out the rest of the game on the Death building. The remaining competitors will then be told their acts ranked for that round. Once this is done, a new round with the remaining competitors begins with another 3 minutes to practice a talent, followed by the same steps of performance, judging, and elimination. Each round will progress with another competitor being eliminated until the final round, when the better of the two remaining acts will be crowned winner of Show mode and will receive the 2 rankups.

Idol mode

Idol Mode created by Matriarch Sdrbuck234, expanding upon the ideals created by Lotusofthesand for Show Mode. Number of judges to competitors remains the same between modes. In Idol mode, however, instead of performing a talent via a tactic or glitch, competing players must create musical talent via singing, rhythmic gameplay, or some other vocally-impressive act in-game or through their mic. Microphones or other vocal accessories are highly recommended for this mode. Competitors will get 3 minutes of preparation time to think of what they will do. This can be done in teams of 2 or solo. Once time is up each person (or team) will perform at a time. Once every person (or team) has performed the judges shall call a Hive Formation (same formation has mentioned in Show Mode), and decide acts from best to worst. The judges then may kill those who did the worst act in a surprising way. More rounds are done with an elimination each round until there is one last competitor or duo remaining.