Hiveball is the twelfth created Hive game, after Hive Infection. Overall, the idea for this game in general came from Hive member untimentcreeper. Hiveball is based on the idea of dodgeball, and due to the fact that there are multiple ways to plays such a sport, Hiveball its became a full-on Hive game with the potential of multiple modes. All Hiveball modes are setup in the classic dodgeball setup: that with two teams with allocated sides. This is a team Hive game, but it is played in a Deathmatch match in AvP due to availability of rules. This is the only Hive game to date that is both a team-based and Deathmatch setup. Hiveball is also a multimatch game, meaning the winning team is decided after a few matches worth of gameplay. Yet, due to the Deathmatch, all of the matches of Hiveball can be played in one consecutive AvP match. In Hiveball, the teams are usually predator in species, that unlike other team Hive games. Just like in Operation: Hive Frontier, the two prime teams are named. In this game, they are the Elders and the Lords, after yautja types. The Elders is the team the host is usually on, like the Matriarch or an Empress. The winning team of Hiveball gets one rankup per member.

Combi Mode

Combi mode is the original mode of Hiveball, made by untimentcreeper. To play, this mode is set up in Jungle and requires at least 6 players to begin. The battle will take place in the Hole area of the Jungle map. At the beginning of the match, the host with point out the boundries of each side, the centerline for each team being right in the middle of the Hole. The pillars of each side can also be utilized, as in being able to be jumped upon and hid behind. To start the first match, all predators must attain a combi stick (the only weapon used during the match), cloak themselves, and go to their proper team side. Once all members are ready, the host shoots a smartdisc into the air, the only time the smartdisc is used. Once the disc flies, each predator team must attempt to throw combi sticks at the other team's players while staying within their boundaries. If a predator is hit with a combi stick, he loses a life. In one match, each player has two lives. Upon death, that member must then get another combi stick as fast as possible and run back to his proper side to continue fighting. If a members falls into the Hole (in the Hivoseum area), he automatically loses a life as well. Once player loses two lives, he stands in the Hole and waits for the current battle to end. The team with at least one remaing player on their side wins that match. However, this is only one battle and the entire game is a best three-out-of-five. All predators must repick up combi sticks to begin again. These battles continue again and again until one team wins three matches, to which that team wins the game.