As an online clan that has lasted a number of years, history is an important part of the Hive that all members can learn if they see their Matriarch. Empresses of the Council, Kings of Elite Mixbloods, and Queens of the Bulwark are required to know this as well, so members can see other special ranks for information. So far, the clan has had 5 Matriarchs (technically 8 leaders) and has expanded both intraclanwise and interclanwise throughout the years since its known origin in 2010, the year the Aliens vs Predator game came out. This clan is also known to have started in AvP, but the clan has spread to Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013),

Grand Theft Auto V  (2015), and Warframe (2013) as well. For the most part, however, AvP currently retains almost all activity of the Hive, with the ACM and Warframe sectors also active. The Grand Theft Auto sector is currently decommissioned.

Notable Hive events Edit

This is a short list of the most noteworthy Hive events in the Hive's history. More about each can be read in the following sections

  • Hive Inchoation
  • Hive Dark Ages
  • Modern Hive Age
  • DARKWOLFPHOENIX's reign (0)
  • BadassOfDOD's reign (I)
  • cz1420's reign (II)
  • italian-stal's reign (III)
  • dragonsrule4444's reign (IV)
  • sdrbuck234's reign (V)
  • XenoWarrior6's reign (VI)
  • ACM Expansion
  • Xbox360 Expansion
  • GTA5 Expansion
  • PC Expansion
  • Warframe Expansion
  • The Great Expansion
  • The Expansion Trial
  • The High Council Trial
  • The 2013 Recession
  • The 2015 Recession
  • The Creator Uprising (BadassOfDOD vs. italian-stal)
  • The Creator Trial (BadassOfDOD vs. Hive)
  • Lycan Battles (Shadow Lycans vs. Hive, friendly)
  • The Great Threat (Legion vs. Hive)
  • The Raven Threat Alliance (Mystravens vs. Hive)
  • The Ravenhawk Conspiracy (Mystravens vs. Mysthawks vs. Hive)
  • The Ravenhawk Trial (Telecommando946 vs. Hive)
  • The Subclan Ousting (Death Deelers vs. Elite Hunters)
  • The Wolf War (Wolfpack / USCM vs. Hive)
  • The Undertaker Threat (Skullcrushers vs. Xbox Hive)
  • The 2016 Intraclan Conflict (Immortal Resurrection vs. Shield)
  • The Empress Tournament
  • The Queen Tournament
  • The King Tournament
  • The Winter Tournament
  • The Ultimate Tournament
  • The Matriarch Tournament
  • The Monarch Tournament
  • The Summer Tournament
  • The Combo Tournament

Update Ages Edit

Clan history is typically organized by the reigns of each Matriarch; however, Clan history can also be categorized under particular ages of Clan updates, albeit this system mostly emphasizes the historical events that occur under the modern Hive, that of the Clan during and after the reign of italian-stal (after the Dark Ages) when many of the current systems and practices were started:

  • Hive Dark Ages (Age 0): Feb 2010 - Nov 2012
  • Origin Era (Age 1): Nov 2012 - Feb 2013
  • Apex Era (Age 2): March 2013 - July 13, 2013
  • DOD Era (Age 3): July 14 - Aug 24, 2013
  • Recession Era (Age 4): Aug 25, 2013 - Feb 1, 2014
  • Tournament Era (Age 5): Feb 2 - Oct 13, 2014
  • Xbox Era (Age 6): Oct 14, 2014 - Aug 3, 2015
  • Dragons' Era (Age 7): Aug 4, 2015 - Aug 22, 2016
  • Monarch Era (Age 8): Aug 23, 2016 - Aug 22, 2017
  • Bosu's Era (Age 9): Aug 23, 2017 - May 22, 2018
  • Current Era (Age 10): May 23, 2018-present

Hive Inchoation Edit

According to clan history by the time the third Matriarch ascended to power, the Hive Clan was created in 2010 by BadassOfDOD. It was later found by Empress alice_170, however, that the clan was also co-founded by BURNING-WITCH_ and CHAKRAMMblade (who was considered by many to be the best xenomorph player of all time). The Hive was originally lead by these three triumvirs now known as the Creators, as the Matriarch rank in the Clan had yet to be invented. This was the case for a short while, until BURNING-WITCH_ and CHAKRAMMblade no longer wanted to rule the Hive alongside their partner DOD. (However, CHAKRAMMblade would later return and become an Empress). At first, WITCH_ and CHAKRAMM's plan was to leave the clan to be singlehandedly ruled by their fellow Creator, but this was later changed due to DOD's dislikability and crudeness to the two. Instead, the other two Hive Creators ultimately decided to leave the clan under the hands of one of their first and most-trusted Hive initiates, DARKWOLFPHOENIX, before

period of the Hive while it was ruled by a triumvirate is known as the Inchoation.