The term Life of Azxoll refers to the Youtube series by the Hive's own KingAzxoll9 on Youtube. So far, the series has various single episodes, multipart episodes, miniseries, two seasons, and a few specials. The series is in association with Hive, and the Hive in turn supports Life of Azxoll, as KingAzxoll9 is the member that creates the series. (This is why this page exists on the Hive WIki.)

Creator KingAzxoll9





June 6, 2013 - September 14, 2013 (cancelled)

October 23, 2013 - present (renewal)

Seasons 2 (3 if counting Lost)

170 (overall)

72 (season 1), 98 (season 2)

Episode Running Time 0:08-22:23



Main character Zach in a pimplike outfit from the series pilot episode.

The Youtube series Life of Azxoll is a mild comedy series by KingAzxoll9, or Zach, which chronicles the everyday antics of Zach's life through his friends, family, peers, pets, and more. Various characters are featured throughout the series, many of them containing a slight comic element to them. The events that are filmed have no particular theme or element; their primary purpose is to find random events in Zach's life that provide a slight comedy. It is planned in the future seasons, however, that the epidsodes may perhaps contain a similar storyline.

Most season 1 episodes of Life of Azxoll are commented to have poor video quality, as the episodes only have been filmed with Zach's iPod Touch, which has been stolen, dropped, and more based on the course of action of each episode. Only some project-related episodes ("To Kill a Mrs. Dubose," "Opportunity Cost Project," "German Gibberish") have better quality, filmed with actual video cameras. Beginning at "A Trip Named Antonio," however, KingAzxoll9 was forced to begin using another device, his Galaxy S4, which has higher video quality and filmed all episodes through season 2.

On September 14, 2013, Life of Azxoll was temporarily cancelled due to consent issues and all episodes except "Hive Announcement" and "Nic Bit My Finger" were removed from Youtube, with all presumed files of the episodes having been destroyed. The series was renewed, however, near the end of October because some of earlier video files had been found on an older computer and reposted by KingAzxoll9. It was when the series was renewed that it was decided seasons would be used. Before, LOA had only one singular name, but KingAzxoll9 decided that all the old episodes refound would become season 1, with addition to episodes after "Hive Announcement". There is also a lost season of all episodes that have been permanently lost, but the episodes themselves do not count towards the overall count of the series' episodes. Season 2 was announced in the season 1 finale "Turkeys Gotta Say Farewell" and a trailer showing the upcoming season aired September 7, 2014. Season 2 began with the episode "LOA Version 2.0" on October 3, 2014 and ended with "Two Seasons Gone" on September 11, 2015. Any information on season 3 has yet to be confirmed, although possibility of a third season was mentioned in the season 2 finale. The series is known to currently be on hiatus.

Season 1

After the series renewal in October 2013, Life of Azxoll first developed a season system, like a real series. The reforged episodes that were found after the series temporary cancellation were decided to be brought back as a good first season. On Youtube, all Life of Azxoll episodes from season 1 have a "S1" after them. The time these were filmed elapsed from Zach's 10th grade to 11th grade years (with exception to "To Kill a Mrs. Dubose"). Episodes found within episodes indicate a multiple-part episode, some of which are specials. These episodes include the following:

Season 2

Announced at the end of season 1, season 2 began airing on October 3, 2014. This season continued Zach's use of his Galaxy S4 to film, although some of the cast had changed. Common season 1 characters Myles and Anthony no longer appeared in season 2, as many of Zach's friends were also rarer for the duration of the season. Rather, much of the first half of season 2 focused more on Zach's family, showing more appearances from his cousins Bryan and Johnny, as well as his mother Michele. More specials were seen in season 2, with the second Independence Day special starting up the season. Season 2 ran from the summer before Zach's senior year of high school to his first day of college at the University of Pittsburgh. Season 2 concluded on September 11, 2015 with "Two Seasons Gone," though 3 bonus episodes were released afterwards.

Lost Season

When the series was cancelled in September 2013, all Life of Azxoll videos except "Hive Announcement" and "Nic Bit My Finger!" were deleted.  Unfortunately, some of the videos had no backup files and KingAzxoll9 could not reupload them. These episodes will still be remembered as Life of Azxoll episodes, just those that never got to be rewatched. KingAzxoll9's first video, "The Mole People," was created before the series but was reformatted to be tied to the series as a prologue episode before season 1. Together, these episodes create the lost season of Life of Azxoll. These are:

  • "Before the Series: The Mole People"
  • "Flip the Turkey"
  • "Flip the Turkey 2"
  • "Parkinglot Cartwheel"
  • "Vacay In Austay"
    1. "In Midair...port"
    2. "Plane Food"
    3. "McCraken's House of Texas"
    4. "Movieat"
    5. "Failflip"
    6. "Chocolate Car Torte"
    7. "Garden Mattress"
  • "Clarion Weekend"
    1. "Return to Camp Indepen'dunce'"
    2. "Hide-and-Corn"
    3. "The Fedora of Masked Amish Fleas"
    4. "Refugee Slap Party"
    5. "Doggie Goo"
    6. "Jackson's Pillow Beatdown"
    7. "iPad Scandal"
    8. "The Snoring Bravo Bella"
  • "Graduation Retardation"
    1. "Coordination Constipation"
    2. "Foot Frisbee"
  • "A Noble Fire"
    1. "Dodgesack Strikes Back"
    2. "Basement Shenanigans"
    3. "Fireside Azxoll"
    4. "Black Horror"
  • Catventures miniseries
    1. "Say Hello to My Little Friends!"
    2. "Shut Up, Sophie!"
    3. "Meow to Me"
  • Hempfield Bandeavours miniseries
    1. "The Hempfield Area High School Marching Band"
    2. "Trick the Card Trick"
    3. "T Marks the Spot"
    4. "Twerk Talk"
    5. "Interlude Idiots"
    6. "The Most Amazing Grace"
    7. "Banding Around"
    8. "Teenage Wasteland"
  • Motivating Demotivationals miniseries
    1. "Anthony Demotivationals"
    2. "Myles Demotivationals"
    3. "Caleb and Clay Demotivationals"
    4. "Kaitlyn, Nic, and Zach Demotivationals"
    5. "Miscellaneous Demotivationals"
    6. "Catamationals"


So far, the prime plot of Life of Azxoll episodes is random comedy, filmed whenever it occurs during everyday life or special occasions, like holidays. No prime storyline, like a normal show, is featured, but the series so far has Zach in every episode, primarily narrating the situations. The characters featured sometimes try to stop Zach from filming, an aspect found mostly in season 1, for future consent issues were resolved by season 2. Consent became an outside issue, which put a stop to Life of Azxoll for a short time and ended the original series. Future seasons now have little consent problems, as random humour (sometimes associated to pain) is rather featured, leaving the overall storyline of the show to be the following of Zach's life through usually notable events that tend to hold a comical streak.


Character Jon looking like he's smoking (actually Clay's burning homework).


More images depicting goings-on of the series, most images from Season 1.

IMG 2191

Picture of Zach, the protagonist of the series in "Hive Announcement."

IMG 2212

Zach eating a McDonald's McDouble in "Hamburgation Mastication."

Myles and Anthony

Common first season characters Myles and Anthony, as seen in "Mall Madness."


"Save your ammo for the enemy," Myles says in "Water Battle."


Anthony getting Myles to stop Zach from filming him in "Don't Spare Me the Video."


Zach friend Clay in "The Big Bowl."

Josh 1

Josh, the character loving to be filmed, as seen in "A Typical Birthday."

Josh 2

Josh: "How's your devil dog doing?" Myles: "She's not a devil, and she's dying." Josh: "Oh."


Character Regis saying in a Facebook status "I have cancer."

Maggie and Kaitlyn

Female characters Kaitlyn (left) and Maggie (right) in "A Typical Birthday."

Caleb 1

Caleb swinging around fire in "Birthday Fire."

Caleb 2

"Ha! Where is your God?!" Caleb yells after relighting a torch.


Rex in "Cancer Facebook Status."


Kevin from "Opportunity Cost Project."


Carrie from "Opportunity Cost Project."


Keisuke peering over bushes in "Opportunity Cost Project."


Kelcey's death scene in "Opportunity Cost Project."


Nic, Zach's brother, in "A Swing Too Far."


In "Burning Turds and Fiery Lies," Bobby (left), Bryan (middle), Barb (right).


Simple snake fireworks from "Camp Independ'dunce.'"

Mr. Cook

Mr. Cook popping a hydrogen-filled balloon in "Chemistry Pop."


Zach's cousin Bryce on a quad in "Bryce's Trick."


Sami and Bobby shooting in "Gun Fun."


Bobby and the super-sparkler in "The Grand Firenale."


Sami: "How do you spell Azxoll?" Zach: "A-Z-X-O-L-L." Sami: "A-Z-X-U-L-L." Zach: "No. Azxoll. A-Z-X-O-L-L. God."


Justine after the surprise in part 3 of "Water Battle."


Brandon trying to stop Zach's filming in "Water Battle."


Bryan's dog Buddy playing Fetch in the Creek in "Wet Stick."


The dog Webster from "Leash Limit."


The futuristic robot Ballbot from "Ballbot and the Future Fantastical World."

Anthony 2

Zach and Anthony in Hawaii.

Jem Kevin

Kevin in the 9th grade project "To Kill a Mrs. Dubose" as Jem.

Zach's mom

Zach's mom waiting in line for food in "Nic's Wishbone for Food."

The Crew

The complete birthday crew in "A Typical Birthday." Included left to right: Anthony, Myles, Clay, Jon, Caleb, Maggie, Kaitlyn, Josh, and Jacob.

Coca-Cola Pee

"Looks like we have a pisser," says Uncle Patsy in "Coca-Cola Pee and Snuggie Cigars."

Uncle Patsy

Uncle Patsy and his cigar in the Thanksgiving special.


Distorted picture of Kaitlyn and Josh burning Clay's homework in "A Typical Birthday."

Nic Bible

Nic kissing a Bible in "Piggy."

Nic 2

Nic petting the Ferret Thing from "Nic Bit My Finger!"


Morgan in a too-comfy position near the fire in "Thankful for Turkey."

Logan Minecraft

Zach's young cousin Logan "mastering " the game of Minecraft.


Matt before the snowball fight in "Thanksgiving Snow Brawl."


Zach's cousin John before eating at Thanksgiving.

Matt and Morgan

Matt harassing Morgan in "Wrestlemania," the Thanksgiving special finale.

Bryan 2

Bryan in "Birthday of Bryan."

Birthday Cake

Bryan's birthday icecream cake. "Why would one cut a circular cake into rectangular pieces?" asks Zach.


August and Zach's practice bridge, holding only 20 lbs, in "Bridge Bonanza."

Zach's Family

Zach's prime family at his Aunt Gail's. From left to right: Zach's pap (Walt), Zach's gram (Nancy), Zach's dad, Zach's mom, Zach, and Nic.

Zach's mother

Zach's mother trying to shoot a pistol in "Camp Indepen'dunce.'"