Life of Azxoll is a series by Hive editor KingAzxoll9. This page is of some of the entertaining characters and episodes of the series.

Gallery Edit

IMG 2191

Picture of Zach, the protagonist of the series in "Hive Announcement."

IMG 2212

Zach eating a McDonald's McDouble in "Hamburgation Mastication."

Myles and Anthony

Common first season characters Myles and Anthony, as seen in "Mall Madness."


"Save your ammo for the enemy," Myles says in "Water Battle."


Anthony getting Myles to stop Zach from filming him in "Don't Spare Me the Video."


Zach friend Clay in "The Big Bowl."

Josh 1

Josh, the character loving to be filmed, as seen in "A Typical Birthday."

Josh 2

Josh: "How's your devil dog doing?" Myles: "She's not a devil, and she's dying." Josh: "Oh."


Character Regis saying in a Facebook status "I have cancer."

Maggie and Kaitlyn

Female characters Kaitlyn (left) and Maggie (right) in "A Typical Birthday."

Caleb 1

Caleb swinging around fire in "Birthday Fire."

Caleb 2

"Ha! Where is your God?!" Caleb yells after relighting a torch.


Rex in "Cancer Facebook Status."


Kevin from "Opportunity Cost Project."


Carrie from "Opportunity Cost Project."


Keisuke peering over bushes in "Opportunity Cost Project."


Kelcey's death scene in "Opportunity Cost Project."


Nic, Zach's brother, in "A Swing Too Far."


In "Burning Turds and Fiery Lies," Bobby (left), Bryan (middle), Barb (right).


Simple snake fireworks from "Camp Independ'dunce.'"

Mr. Cook

Mr. Cook popping a hydrogen-filled balloon in "Chemistry Pop."


Zach's cousin Bryce on a quad in "Bryce's Trick."


Sami and Bobby shooting in "Gun Fun."


Bobby and the super-sparkler in "The Grand Firenale."


Sami: "How do you spell Azxoll?" Zach: "A-Z-X-O-L-L." Sami: "A-Z-X-U-L-L." Zach: "No. Azxoll. A-Z-X-O-L-L. God."


Justine after the surprise in part 3 of "Water Battle."


Brandon trying to stop Zach's filming in "Water Battle."


Bryan's dog Buddy playing Fetch in the Creek in "Wet Stick."


The dog Webster from "Leash Limit."


The futuristic robot Ballbot from "Ballbot and the Future Fantastical World."

Anthony 2

Zach and Anthony in Hawaii.

Jem Kevin

Kevin in the 9th grade project "To Kill a Mrs. Dubose" as Jem.

Zach's mom

Zach's mom waiting in line for food in "Nic's Wishbone for Food."

The Crew

The complete birthday crew in "A Typical Birthday." Included left to right: Anthony, Myles, Clay, Jon, Caleb, Maggie, Kaitlyn, Josh, and Jacob.

Coca-Cola Pee

"Looks like we have a pisser," says Uncle Patsy in "Coca-Cola Pee and Snuggie Cigars."

Uncle Patsy

Uncle Patsy and his cigar in the Thanksgiving special.


Distorted picture of Kaitlyn and Josh burning Clay's homework in "A Typical Birthday."

Nic Bible

Nic kissing a Bible in "Piggy."

Nic 2

Nic petting the Ferret Thing from "Nic Bit My Finger!"


Morgan in a too-comfy position near the fire in "Thankful for Turkey."

Logan Minecraft

Zach's young cousin Logan "mastering " the game of Minecraft.


Matt before the snowball fight in "Thanksgiving Snow Brawl."


Zach's cousin John before eating at Thanksgiving.

Matt and Morgan

Matt harassing Morgan in "Wrestlemania," the Thanksgiving special finale.

Bryan 2

Bryan in "Birthday of Bryan."

Birthday Cake

Bryan's birthday icecream cake. "Why would one cut a circular cake into rectangular pieces?" asks Zach.


August and Zach's practice bridge, holding only 20 lbs, in "Bridge Bonanza."

Zach's Family

Zach's prime family at his Aunt Gail's. From left to right: Zach's pap (Walt), Zach's gram (Nancy), Zach's dad, Zach's mom, Zach, and Nic.

Zach's mother

Zach's mother trying to shoot a pistol in "Camp Indepen'dunce.'"

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