Welcome to the Hive Clan Wiki, the one-stop hub and information central for one of the biggest and best clans in the Alien-based online videogame universe! All players are welcome! See our Hive Index for navigation.

Welcome to the The Hive WikiEdit

The Hive (once known as the Matriarch Hive) is an online clan centered around xenomorphs, the main alien species of the Alien franchise. Over the years since its inception, the Hive has expanded to many games on different consoles. On its original console of Playstation 3, the Hive can be found on the games Aliens: Colonial Marines (2013) and Alien Vs Predator (2010), with Grand Theft Auto V (2013) having been previously active but now decommissioned. The clan has also expanded to Xbox360 and PC for the game Alien Vs Predator, as well as the game Warframe (2013) on the Playstation 4.

The online group consists of 2400 members led by current "Matriarch" and Clan Leader Sdrbuck234. The PS3 sector is headed by Subleaders and "Monarchs" KillowatX and ALPHA_OF_WOLVES_, the PC sector is headed by Monarch trajectory989, and the Warframe sector is led by Monarch Lotusofthesand. The Clan has been going since 2010 with Alien Vs Predator's Playstation release, the game still currently acting as the Clan's oldest and largest of its sectors. See Sdrbuck234 or the Council members mad_hatter_968, piz420, numnutsforever, ana2003sa, budsmokeronly24, and Cipher74 to get initiated, or by any other sub-leaders (Empresses, Queens, Deacons, or Kings) of the Clan. Also, feel free to ask the Matriarch or the Clan for any hints, tips, or resources on the Alien universe or any of the Clan's videogames once you become a member. Also, we would like to thank Hive member xXOpTiC_KnIvEsXx for creating this Wiki, which has been successfully run since 2013!

Xeno Queen

This is the Hive's original symbol, created by members in 2010. However, this symbol has become well-known enough to be used to depict xenomorphs in general.

If you are a Hive member, especially one of high rank (Queen, King, Deacon, Empress), feel free to add to the Wiki if it means new game ideas and modes. It may deleted by the prime editors of the site if they deem the added content to be unhelpful or unnecessary. Please stay on topic of the clan, and have fun while you're here. Thank you!

Content Edit

In general, the Clan contains a rank system of 15 natural ranks and 6 special ranks (see "Ranks"), as well as a 3-level prestige system. As a self-sustaining and independent organization in each of the games in which it can be found, the Clan has all of its own special matches, glitches, ranks, games, activities, and even hacks, some of them no-one will find anywhere but the Hive! Some of the special matches will rank members up quickly while others will allow members to become new sub-leaders. See sections of each game, each special match, each activity, "Ranks," "Members," "Hive History," "The Symbols of the Hive," "The Landscapes of the Hive," "Council," "Bulwark of the Royals," "Mixblood Elites," "Hivebloods," "Hive of Fame," "Hive Updates," "Hive Exclusives," "Hive's Rage," and other pages to learn more. Having trouble finding what you're looking for, or can't navigate the site? Use our Hive Index.

Additional Sources and ClansEdit

The Hive has some individual links and videos of its own. Feel free to look up Hive Initiations on Youtube, as well as other Hive events as they eventually are filmed and posted. The Hive is also in association with Wiki editor KingAzxoll9's comedy Youtube series Life of Azxoll. Also, feel free to join our Hive Forum and talk about our clan and wiki. Feel free to give us any advice for games, special rounds, glitches, activities, the Wiki, or the clan in general in the comments as well. The Hive Wiki also houses some individual pages for other Hive-affiliated clans that have been involved in our history, such as allies or subclans. If you are a clan leader to a Hive ally or subclan, feel free to request your own page from the Matriarch. Look at the Shadow Lycans and Royal Elders pages for more on other Hive-affiliated clans. Thank you, and enjoy the website!

Latest activity in the ClanEdit

KillowatX and ALPHA_OF_WOLVES_ crowned Co-Monarchs of Playstation 3 sector

New Annihilation and Dominion modes of Hive Domination

budsmokeronly24 is the fifth Empress of the 4th Council

Queen mother

The Matriarch tells the executive editor of the wiki, KingAzxoll9, what to type and update. He is the "Master of the Wiki." Please comment on the forum anything you question to add to the wiki, and KingAzxoll9 will get back to you to say if its ok.

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