Hive Symbol 2

The Hive's Rage is a subgroup of the Hive Clan created by Executive Idealist mad_hatter_968. Just like the Hive of Fame, this group can consist of both normal and special-ranked Hive members, making it a cross-group. Overall, the Hive's Rage takes upon its name; it's purpose is to act as the representation of the Hive's power in potential wars or clan battles. Therefore, it can seen as the elite group of personally trained bodyguards to the Matriarch and Hive itself.

When wars or other events occur, these members will be those participating so that the true power found in the Hive (giving its high position amongst the clans) will be utilized to its full potential and lessen the likeliness of defeat. Also, in times of non-crisis, these members will hold respectable titles in the Hive and will act as personal bodyguards (if permitted) to the Matriarch and other subleaders in basic matches and so forth.

Only 20 people can be in this group at the same time, with each member getting an individualized Battle title suited to that member's tactics and fighting skill. However, the top 6 of this group will the first picks for wars and battles, getting the additional titles of "Demonic Hive General," "Hive Sergeant," "Hive Lieutenant," "Hive Commander," "Hive Colonel," and "Hive Corporal" in that order in decided skill.

Also, this group is unique to all others in the fact that it does not grant abilities or rankups as other groups do -- being in the Hive's Rage will not grant abilities like rank control or hosting Hive events as the other subgroups. Only titles can be gained in this group, and thus the true incentive for the want to join this group is true loyalty to the Hive and Matriarch. However, for being in this group for no particular personal gain, this counts as a sign of ultimate loyalty (one of the Five Methods). Thus, those found in this group of natural rank get an accelerated rate of automatic loyalty adding onto their rank, acting as an automatic XP over time. Because of the principle behind this group, it can be seen as the collection of True Hive Members.

Demonic Hive General

The (Demonic) Hive General is the top of this group, receiving the highest title in it. The title comes from the original Demonic Hive General, mad_hatter_968, who first led the group and had the nickname "the Hive Demon" from his skill. However, this player is not the Matriarch. In fact, the Matriarch is the one Hive members that cannot join the Hive's Rage due to the sheer fact that the Matriarch almost always automatically takes role in clan wars as a fighter; he needs no spot in a group to be in battle.

Instead, the Demonic Hive General acts as the lead of these elite clan war warriors and bodyguards. This player, unlike the other top 5 of this group, must be Monarch, Empress, or Queen in rank (no Kings), for they must be able to host special rounds. The reason for this is because the Academy round must be beaten to be in the Hive's Rage, and this round is hosted not by the Matriarch, but rather the Demonic Hive General.

The DHG acts as the judge and leader of this specific group, which is not led by the Matriarch because the group's purpose is to protect the Matriarch and Hive from enemies. It is the Hive General that determines whether or not a Hive member gains passage to this group with the Academy round. Also, the DHG acts as the personal trainer for all those in this elite clique, and thus he must be a highly skilled Hive member. A new General is chosen as one member of the Hive's Rage by the previous DHG. The current Demonic Hive General is italian-stal on PS3, while trajectory989 is the Hive General of the Xbox and PC.


These are the members which have passed the Academy round by the judgment of the Demonic Hive General:

  1. mad_hatter_968 (previous Demonic Hive General)
  2. italian-stal (Demonic Hive General)
  3. trajectory989 (Hive General, Xbox)
  4. piz420 (Hive Sergeant)
  5. MaxDeadBear (Hive Lieutanant)
  6. none
  7. none
  8. none
  9. none
  10. none
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