The Hive has many things to itself: a rank system, a prestige system, plenty of special rounds and games, as well as its own names for places in the videogames it is in, which are AvP, ACM, and Warframe. In each map, other players of these games may call the same things as the Hive does, like the Light and Dark rooms of the Pyramid map. However, the names of key locations on each map are what members and allies are likely to hear when playing with Hive members. Therefore, this page may come in handy to those both in and out of the Hive Clan. All these locations are introduced by a Director in the Hive activity Hive Tours. Locations of maps include:


As the prime map for the Hive in AvP, this map has many key spots that will be referenced during games and rounds.

  • The Hive Battle Wall - the back wall of the compound area of Gateway. This is the most-used wall in all of the Hive's activities, and is one of the few walls spectators cannot even go on during a special round. During a general match, the Hive Battle Wall is free for all to use.
  • The Death Building - this is one of the two tallest buildings in the compound of Gateway, the one where the predator's combi stick is and the one that is on the other side of the road from the others. This building is the most-used building of the Hive during games, like Hive Pureblood Royale for those who are out that round. This is also the second-most used building for spectating.
  • The Graveyard Building - also known as the Secondary Death Building, the Gaveyard Building is the lower building next to the building where the predator's plasma caster is in the compound (Plasma Building). Marines can access this building with the stairs leading up to it, making it the Death Building for marine players.
  • The Plasma Building - this is self explanatory, as this is the other tall building in the compund area where the predator's plasma caster is. This building is not used too often, as plasma casters are rarely used in the clan.
  • The Smartgun Building - this building is the short building just to the right of a player going into the compound area from the Jungle. This building has the marine's smartgun (hence the name), and it also can be used as a spot to spectate. However, it is the least used spectator building.
  • The Spectator's Nest - this building is the one connecting from the Graveyard Building to the Smartgun Building, and only has a midsize water tanklike object sitting on top. This is the most-used building for spectating special rounds, though, and is called the Spectator's Nest as such.
  • The Glitch Building - this is the tallest building in the compound of Gateway, the one with the barbed fence around it. This building can only be accessed by aliens, and predators if they use the Predator Building glitch. Spectators may be on this building, but sometimes a special round may spread to this building, so caution is advised to users of it.
  • The Idol - in the Jungle area of the map, there is a predator statue in the area closer to the caves. This statue has the marine's scoped rifle sitting in front of it.
  • The Minicave of Matriarch - this is the small tunnel leading from the Jungle in front of the compound to the upper reaches in the back of the compound, near the crash site.
  • The Council Caverns - the main cave area of Gateway, named after the Council. This area contains the Nest and is important in Hive Domination and Protection Method of Blitzkrieg mode of OHF.
  • The Nest - this is the location in the cave where there are 2 pillarlike rock formations coming down to make a small, secluded area of the cave. A predator's recharge station is found inside this small encircled area. What makes the Nest notable is because this is where the Matriarch and any allies he has begin a most Hive Pureblood Royale matches.
  • The Watchpost - between the Death Building and the Hive Battle Wall there are 2 crates, orange-brown in color next to a light on the ground. These crates, especially the one closest to the Death Building, are known as the Watchpost. In certain Hive games, especially those in Hive Strategics, the game's host can find this location a particularly good angle to survey the game. It is best used by the Demonstrator in Mimic minigame of Hive Strategics.
  • The Rock - the large boulderlike apparition that bulges out at the top of the Death Building; home of the Rock glitch, similar to the Tree glitch
  • The Deathbarrel - this Hive-named location is the familiar zone in the compound area. This is the secluded area of the compound surrounded by walls that enters the cave area. Various crates are in the Deathbarrel, and the Death Building is adjacent to it. This location is quite useful in Darts mode of Hive Pureblood Royale.


Pyramid is also a common map used by the clan. However, many of the named locations here are also called their names by outside players of the clan. These are the locations:

  • The Light Room - this is the brightest room and area of the Pyramid, where the predator's smartdisc and marine's scoped rifle are. This is commonly called by this by various players of AvP, and is not only found in the Hive. This is the room the Opposers begin in Operation: Hive Frontier and it is found across the Great Hiveway to the Dark Room.
  • The Dark Room - this is the darkest of the four rooms of the Pyramid, as well as where the predator's plasma caster is. This is also the common name by AvP players. The Royals in OHF start here and it is found across the Great Hiveway from the Light Room.
  • The Red Room - this is the room of the Pyramid where there are dim red lights and a bluish light at the summit of the room. This is the second-darkest of the rooms, and is not used too commonly. It is across the Pyramid from the Fire Room. Players of AvP may not always refer to this room as this.
  • The Fire Room - this is the only room of the Pyramid where there is a bright fire at the summit of the room, and where the marine's flamethrower is. AvP players of all types may refer to this room by this name as well. This room is commonly used in Horror mode of Hive-and-Seek, as the fire is a good hiding place. It is across the Pyramid from the Red Room.
  • The Great Hiveway - aka the Great Hallway, the Great Hiveway is the tall and most open area of the Pyramid, but it is only open for 30 seconds every other 30 seconds of the game. This is the connector of the Light Room to the Dark Room. Some AvP players may call it the Great Hallway. The winning team leader in Hive Frontier signals the end of a match here.
  • The Basement - this is the lowest area of the Pyramid, where there are 4 hallways scattered about it with two rooms as well. There are occasionally 2 more hallways connecting the rooms. All the hallways here lead to one of the 4 large rooms of the Pyramid mentioned above. Some AvP players may call it this. Members who are out in Horror mode of Hive-and-Seek go here.


Jungle is another used map by the Hive, but not the most-used. However, there are a few notable locations here as well.

  • The Hole - this is the huge hole in the upper reaches of the map. Although some AvP players may refer to this hole as the Hole as well, this is probably the only location they follow the Hive for this map. Although the Hole may imply the entire 3D area, that is not the case. The Hole only refers to the upper area of this region, the rim of the circle itself. Challengers for a Rank round start in Inner Formation here.
  • The Hivoseum - aka the Colloseum, this is the lower area of the gaping hole of the map, right below the Hole for the Hive. This is called this because Hive Tournaments are fought here.
  • The Hive Point - this is the summit at the top of the stairs near the Hole. This is the highest point of the map, and is important to the King-of-the-Hive game. This is the highpoint that is fought for to win the game. This is also where the Matriarch starts out for a Training session, where trainees line up in Hive Formation. This is also known as the Throne in King-of-the-Hive.
  • The Pillars of the Council - the large pillars surrounding the Hole zone of Jungle. This is where spectation takes place for this map, as well as the Pillar formation in a Hive Trial, hence the naming to Empresses.
  • The Tree - this is the specific tree next to the Sacrification Ruins. This is a specific tree because this is where the near-invincible Tree glitch is done with the predator if he jumps on the branch correctly. However, one can also fall through the map through this tree as well.
  • The Sacrification Ruins - this is the small patch of ruins connected to the jungle area, that is across from the bridge to the Hole area of the map. There is a sacrificationlike table in the middle of the ruins, with the predator's plasma caster on top of it. The predator's recharger is in one corner, and the marine's grenades in the other. These are also referred to as the Rich Ruins for the amount of weapons found here. The Tree is right next to it.


The Ruins map is used sometimes by the Hive, in events like Blitzkrieg mode of Operation: Hive Frontier. The locations here are:

  • The Pillar Room - this is one of the 2 large rooms of this map. This is the one with all the small structures sticking out of the ground, as well as a small predator statue in it, or the Stone Yaujta. It also has slopes leading up to the summit of the room. Training sessions are held at the top and the Royals of Blitzkrieg mode start here.
  • The Tree Room - this is the other large room of this map, where there is the giant tree sticking out of the ruins. The partially closed hallway where the predator's recharger is also part of this room. The Opposers of Blitzkrieg mode start here.
  • The Overpass - this is the large valley pathway where the third domination control point is. A doorlike structure lies somewhere near its centre. This connects the Tree and Pillar Rooms.
  • The Hives - this is the caves of the map that also connect the 2 rooms. They make up the last of the main areas of this map.
  • The Stone Yaujta - the statue of the predator in the Pillar Room. Sometimes this is called upon to be met at for a Hive Tour.
  • The Death Statue - this is the statue yautja head in the Tree Room that spurts water from its mouth. A predator plasma caster spawn location is also found here. It is referred to as this because it has the same use as the Death Building in Gateway if Hive Pureblood Royale is played. Those who are out go atop this statue head are out for that game. The small dirt platform in the corner a few feet away is also considered part of the Death Statue.
  • The Death Drop - the high cliff that lies at the entrance of the Tree Room from the Overpass. A flight of stairs allow players to traverse from the ground in the Tree Room up to the Overpass. Marine players, if jumping off the edge of the cliff, usually die and thus this drop-off is often used in modes like Abyss mode.


This map is only moderately used by the clan, but it still has notable locations within it, and it is used in events like the Legendary round and Duel mode of OHF.

  • The Big Room - the largest room in Refinery, containing various crates, exits to other map areas, and the Diamond; the epicenter of the map and the Opposers' base in Duel mode.
  • The Hive Room - the second prime room of Refinery, this is the room that has all the Hive resin on the walls and 6 total exits leading to the rest of the map. It is used as the Royals base in Duel mode.
  • The (Legend) Rafters - the upper areas containing various predator weapons in the Big Room, this area is primarily known as the spectating areas of Refinery for Hive events, especially for the Legendary round.
  • The Diamond - the large diamond-shaped hole in the Big Room, leading to the lower level of the Refinery. It is an important location of Duel mode where the second portion of a battle takes place and team leaders duel for supremacy.
  • The Flame Room - this room is the room to the right under the Diamond (approaching from the Hive Room). This room is home to the Flame Lag glitch, the most common marine glitch used during the Human subround of a Legendary round.
  • The Wall Room - the room to the left of the Diamond and opposite to the Flame Room. This houses the Through-the-Wall glitch, another marine glitch.
  • The Death Room - the upper and lower regions of the room to the right of the Hive Room (approaching from the Big Room). This is the darkest room with resin on it, the only light being a spinning light on a forklift. If the Legend Rafters are not used, then this room acts like the Death Building in Gateway for Hive games.
  • The Crate Room - the upper and lower regions of the room to the left of the Hive room. This room has various crates in the middle of the room. The lower area of the room has many lights and is the brightest room with resin on its walls.


This map is seldom-used by the clan. When it is used, it is for Xeno mode of Hive-and-Seek or a Hive Trial, an important Hive activity.

  • The Summit - this is the highest spot in Temple, at the top of the pyramid. This is where Hive Trials take place in Trial formation. Matriarch italian-stal once lost a Power round here, hence the reason special rounds almost never take place in this map.
  • The Pillar - the large pillar found on one of the four buildings found around the Temple. This is home to the Pillar glitch, and is a player's worst nightmare in Xeno mode, as this acts as an almost-invincible location for the one playing as the alien.