The Hive Clan, independent in nature from any of the videogames it is in, has many seperate principles that makes it a stand-alone organization, one of the top ten clans in the AvP universe. Yes, the Hive tries to get as many allies as possible, but the point is the Hive does not go through the basic gameplay many other smaller clans do. The Hive has its own ranks, tactics, glitches, games, special rounds, activities, hacks, and even symbols. Although most of the symbols the Hive has comes from other well-known pictures on the interntet, no-one has yet claimed rights of any of these symbols. Therefore, the Hive Clan has unofficially (without actually copyrighting any of the symbols, leaving them to be used by others as well) decided to use the following symbols for its different sectors, games, and events. However, some of the photos here came from dedicated Hive members themselves. More and more symbols will appear over time. 

Hive SymbolsEdit

  • The Hive's Main symbol:
    Xeno Queen

    The Hive's official symbol, as a xenomorph-dominant clan.

  • The Hive Wiki symbol:

Hive Wiki

  • The Initiation Symbol:
    Alien face hugger sculpture by mixta110-d5j6uas

    This facehugger symbolizes the first rank achieved after beating the Initiation round.

  • The Hive Strategics Symbol:
    Deacon Symbol

    The Deacon symbol from Prometheus, symbolizing the intellectual nature of Hive Strategics.

  • The AvP Sector Symbol:
    Alien vs Predator

    The symbol for the Aliens vs Predator sector of the Hive clan.

  • The Colonial Marines Sector Symbol:

    This artwork is completely original, created by member RECON-ELITELORD. This symbol conveys the Aliens: Colonial Marines sector of the Hive.